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                 "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"               

These are the rules, terms and conditions of using our services.

We reserve ourselves the right of changing these TOS at any time and/or for any reason.


01: Who we are
02: Privacy
03: Tor network (hosting)
04: IRC server (Internet Relay Chat)
05: Gaming (public game servers)
06: Server Status
07: Funding
08: The Future
09: Contact us

- Who we are:

In a time of political chaos and censorship, both online and in society around the world, and when only allowed to express the "correct" kind of thoughts without being socialy executed, we focus on anonymous hidden services. We do believe in freedom of speech and that information should be free.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

If you can't express yourself or speak out loud, we can host your personal blog or any other page on the Tor network (also known as "Darknet") for you. Nothing will be connected to you personally. We do not know who you are and we do not want or need to know. Our only goal is to make every voice heard. We do have certain rules to protect both ourselves and you. For example, we do not host anything illegal or by our own measurements unethical, and we do not store any information about you. We are not a registred company, but a private host and follow no rules but our own. We host anything we want for who ever we want.

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- Privacy:

We log as little as we can about our users. Here is what we do log, and how it is managed:

- Tor network:
We do not log anything. No connections, no information about our clients, nothing. We only save the .onion-adresses to sites hosted by us and a passcode used to make updates to the specific site. They are not saved on the same server.

- IRC server (Internet Relay Chat):
We log as little as we can. The server sists behind one of the most secure VPNs there is, encrypting all traffic from the server. Just to be sure, the server deletes all content of any and all "logs"-folder every minute minute. This is just to make sure we didn't miss something to disable in the configs. Any content deleted will not be recoverable. If you're still sceptical about this, use your own VPN to prevent tracking (this apply for the internet as a whole, not just by us).
Private messages on the IRC are not saved anywhere. Even if we wanted to see them (which we don't), we can't. This is totally private.

Beware! Your IRC client may save logs locally to your computer. Please check your settings and uncheck all logging.
Read more about the IRC further down this page.

- Gaming (public game servers):
The game servers may save chatlogs. Do not talk about secret stuff you don't want anyone to know (not even in private chat if the game allows that) on the game servers! Some of them use alot of plugins, and not even we can be 100% sure about who is listening. Use the IRC for private conversations!

If you choose to host a .onion-site with us, we only log the .onion-adress and the secret 20-character passcode you'll need to make updates to your sites. If you contact us through email, every email will be deleted after being read. We use because this is encrypted.

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- Tor network (hosting):

If you want your site hosted, send an email to Tell us about the site and its purpose. You will get an email response about it in a few days.
If we can host it for you we'll set up a place on our server. You will get a .onion adress in the email. Reply to that email and add ALL of the files for the website. Do test it fully before in your own browser, as we only update the sites two or three times a month. You will get more instructions and information in the mail.

- We DO NOT host any kind of shops or pornographic material. No exceptions. Do not contact us about this as we will not answer to any kind of shop hosting requests.
- We may take your page offline for any or no reason. If it's inaccessible, try again later (as so often with Tor). If we've taken it down by purpose you will find this page where it used to be.
- You will get a 20-character password by us in the confirmation mail when your site goes online. You will need this to update it or take it down. Do not lose it! We do not register anything about you. To make changes you will need your .onion-adress AND the password!
- You may send how many updates of your site you want but we only update the pages every sunday of even weeks. So please test the page in your own browser first to make sure it works!

Why we only update our sites two/three times a month? We do this manually. That way we keep full control over this part, making sure everything is made correctly. We may very well shorten the update times in the future!

- ANON:LOG (blog service):
If you just want a blog, we host a free anonymous blog portal called ANON:LOG (Anonymous Logbook) on the Tor Network. You will find it at anonloggiipkx7hg.onion. Visit the ANON:LOG page to read more about it.

We (NoodleNet) take no responsibility whatsoever for the opinions expressed on any of our hosted sites. We provide a free platform for our clients to express themselves anonymously. It is our strong belief that the internet should be a free and safe place to do so. If you find something offensive and report it, we promise that we will review it. But we can not guarantee that we will take the site down. Not even if we, ourselves, don't agree with the content at hand, as that would be against everything we stand for. You will get an email response about the case.

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- IRC server (Internet Relay Chat):

We have our own IRC server. To connect, open up your favourite IRC client and type "/server" and it should get you right in.
Be aware that even though we don't log anything past a minute, your client may! Please check your client settings or website for more information.

Good to know:
- Register your nickname with services. This is helpful if you don't want anyone else to use your name, and this is needed if you want your own channel. Please use "/nickserv help register" and "/nickserv help identify" for more information.
- Use #General for general help, or #IRC for channel hosting questions.
- Follow channel rules and topics. If there isn't a channel that suits your topic, create a new. just type "/join #CHANNELNAME and it will be created, with you as Operator.
- The IRC, although being anonymous, is only as anonymous as you want it to be. Do not share any personal information about yourself if you want to be anonymous.
- Never post your IP in any channel.
- The only people you can fully trust is the Half-Operators or Operators in the official channels. This is users part of the NoodleNet crew.
- Use a VPN. Even if you turned of your client side logging, it's not sure that everyone else did.
- Never open any files sent to you through private chat if you do not fully trust the user sending it.
- We (NoodleNet) take no responsibility of what is being expressed. Freedom of speech apply.

We can set up a personal permanent (public or private) IRC channel for you on our server (, with your choise of modes. Send an email to Tell us about the channel and its purpose. You will get an email response about it in a few days. You WILL need a registred nick with nickserv for this to work, as we will create it and OP you in it. So you will not have to be online when we create it. You will get an email reply when it's all set up. We only update the IRC with new channels on the last sunday of the month.

The 16 official channels run by us:
- Social: #SFW, #NSFW, #Random
- Gaming: #Counter-Strike, #OpenTTD, #Sherwoodskogen
- NoodleNet: #General, #Hosting, #IRC
- Private: #NoodleNet, #Valhalla
- #Channel1: Not in use at the moment.
- #Channel2: Must be registered to chat. Use "/nickserv register help" for more information.
- #Channel3: Not in use at the moment.
- #Channel4: Not in use at the moment.
- #Channel5: Not in use at the moment.

Logs are cleared automaticly every minute(!) minute. See Privacy for more information about our logging.

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- Gaming (public game servers):

General rules:
- Freedom of speech is applied.
- Do not ruin the game for anyone else by cheating, for example.
- Bans may be appealed to

Our different game servers:
- Counter-Strike 1.6: []
----> 10 players / 5vs5.
----> AMXX Stats/Rank.
----> Friendly Fire ON w. ATAC punishments.
----> MAPCYCLE: de_dust2, fy_pool_world, de_minidust2, aim_map.

- Minecraft (Sherwoodskogen): []
----> Old school / transfered from Minecraft Classic.
----> Multi-world, creative & survival.
----> Freebuild, Citybuild, Pixelart, Spleef, PVP.

- OpenTTD: []
----> Scandinavian map.
----> NewGRF custom trains & trams, including swedish trains & japanese bullets.
----> Long reset cycle, only resets when unbuildable.

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- Server Status:

The services are supposed to run 24/7. But sometimes things do go wrong. This is updated by itself and as soon as we see that something is wrong we try to fix it. There are a few symbols to show the status of each service:
- : Service is online and should be accessible.
- : Service is not responding to ping, but may very well be up.
- : Service is offline and not accessible at the moment.

Every night at 03:59 (server time), just before the daily backup starts at 04:00, the server does a quick reset of a couple of things. This may cause a short lag to our services and may cause the network to go just a little bit slower than usual.

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- Funding:

We do this absolutely free for anyone we want. We will never ask for anything in return but donations are greatly appreciated to keep this going. If you feel like donating a small amount, we do accept certain cryptocurrency. No amount is too small. This is of course completely voluntary. But if you do want to help us out, please use these addresses:

- Bitcoin (BTC):

- Ethereum (ETH):

- Litecoin (LTC):

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- The Future:

NoodleNet is still under development. Here are some of the plans we have for the future:
- Anonymous file uploading service for smaller files, both on Tor and clearnet.
- Automated system for creating a free website on Tor by letting users register themselves.

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- Contact:

There are two main ways to get in touch with us. You usually find us on IRC. If you need to speak in private, send a private message to one of the operators. We will invite you to our private channel #NoodleNet.

You can also send us an email on "". The email is checked regularly.

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